There is plethora of documentation that has had a weighty impact on the development of juvenile justice at national levels of different countries and as an international experience. Such documentation includes regulative legislation, international conventions, judicial reports, academic articles etc. In this section we attempt to provide you with access to and commentaries on many of these important documents.

In addition to this, here you can find generalizations on judicial practice on the issues of juveniles, as well as official documents of pilot projects, collections on methodology and recommendations, articles and publications on the subject of development of juvenile justice in Russia.

“Prospects of juvenile justice development in today’s Russia” 13—14 December 2005, an inter-regional conference on “Prospects of juvenile justice development in today’s Russia” was held in Moscow. The conference that took place in the building of the presidential administration was organized by the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Russia and the Presidential Council on support for the development of institutions of civil society and human rights.

Judicial experience Generalization on judicial experience on the criminal cases involving juveniles that were considered by the courts of the Rostov region in the first six months of 2005

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